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and not necessarily exact reproductions of the products themselves.

Price and availability of all items listed herein are subject to change without notice.

This catalog contains specific information on the fabrication and/or conversion of fully automatic firearms and the building of sound suppressors (silencers). This material is offered for academic study and information purposes only.

As of May 19, 1986, Federal Law prohibits manufacture of a full-automatic weapons or conversion of a semi-automatic weapons by a private, non-license party–period. Illegal manufacture or conversion of an automatic weapon can be a Federal felony and might also be a violation of various State laws.

While Federal law still allows private parties to manufacture sound suppressors, some State laws may not. Before beginning construction of a suppressor, prior approval would have to be obtained by filling a B.A.T.F. Form 1 with Washington D.C. If you have any doubts about your position in this matter, contact a local B.A.T.F. office for further information.

In all cases with materials sold in this catalog, the buyer assumes responsibility for compliance to all applicable federal, state, and local laws or regulations. Since nothing remains the same, we must say that prices and availability on all items are subject to change without notice.

Please Read Before Ordering Firearms


Welcome to the Firing Pin Gun & Pawn On-Line system for ordering firearms, ammunition and accessories.  There are four basic steps to ordering firearms On-Line.  Begin by browsing the site to find a firearm you want, then:


  • Select the firearm you want and place it in the shopping cart.
  • If you have an account, simply “check-out”, if not take a moment to create an account.  You will need a credit or debit card.
  • The computer will display the price of the guns (and other items selected), amount of tax to be collected and applicable shipping charges.  Shipping is a flat $10.99 for long guns and accessories (any quantity—one to fifty and with any amount of ammo or accessories) and $14.99 for handguns (again, any quantity and feel free to add ammo and accessories—same freight).
  • When done, simply “Check-Out”.  Your credit card will be charged a twenty-five (25) percent deposit, and the goods will ship automatically to the Firing Pin Gun & Pawn store at 620 S. 6th Avenue in Safford, AZ.
  • Items ordered on-line before noon, if in-stock, will generally be in the Firing Pin Store the afternoon of the next business day.  Also, any item(s) purchased at the Firing Pin On-Line store is backed by a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee.  If any problem, not related to abuse or mishandling, arises with any item purchased from the Firing Pin On-Line store, the item be repaired or replaced free of charge.  Should the item be beyond repair and a similar model not available to substitute (at our option) the purchase price will be refunded.  This guarantee is available nationwide—contact the Firing Pin Store for more details. And, please be aware, all prices on the On-Line Store reflect a 3% cash discount.  When coming in to pay the balance have cash or a debit card.  Any credit card charges will have the 3% cash discount added to the balance due.  We do not accept checks. Goods ordered On-Line need to be picked up within 10 days of our receiving them, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.  A NICS background check is required when picking up any firearm.  Only Arizona residents a minimum of 21 yrs old may purchase handguns.  Persons 18 yrs of age and residents of Arizona and a few other states (i.e., New Mexico) may purchase long guns.  Please have a government issued proof of residence address (such as Driver’s License, Voter Registration Card, Auto Registration or like) when picking up any firearm. Now, get your gun appetite ready and begin surfing for guns!!!!