Terms and Conditions:

  1. All orders placed on this website will ship to Firing Pin Gun & Pawn located at 620 S. 6th Avenue in Safford, AZ 85546  Ph 928-428-3767.   Hours 10AM to 6PM Tuesday thru Friday  10AM to 5PM Saturday  Closed Sunday and Monday

  2. A NICS background check is required to pick-up any firearm.

  3. To pick-up (purchase) a firearm one must have valid, government issued identification document(s) (such as a driver’s license) which have (singularly or collectively) a photo, date of birth and current residence address.  For instance a driver’s license may have a photo and date of birth, but an old address.  A current voter registration or hunting license may have the current address.

  4. A new wrinkle ATF has been adding is the documentation must show a full middle name.  “R” on a driver’s license for middle name “Robert” will not due.  A Social Security Card with the middle name “Robert” will suffice to “verify” the middle name.

  5. Buyers must be a minimum of 21 years old and a resident of Arizona to purchase anything not a rifle or shotgun (including handguns, receivers, Pistol-Gripped-Firearms and etc).

  6. Persons a minimum 18 years old who are a resident of Arizona and persons 18 years of age and residents of approximately 20 other states may purchase a rifle or shotgun.

  7. All prices reflect a 3% cash discount.  Any credit card charges for balances due on web orders will have 3% added.

  8. Goods need to be picked up within 15 days of Firing Pin receiving them unless prior arrangements have been made with Firing Pin Gun & Pawn.

  9. Any items ordered on the website not picked-up or refused are subject to restocking charges.

  10. Payment-In-Full is required when buyer comes in to pick-up a firearm (or accessories) ordered on-line.  If a NICS check receives a “DELAY” status, payment in full is still required and buyer may pick up the firearm once the “DELAY” is resolved.