Please click on image to be taken to the distributor above.

Please note at this time you will have to choose Firing Pin as the FFL. We are have technical issues with our Gun Genie I have left the link below if you would like to go directly to the Gun Genie and try it.

 Firing Pin Gun & Pawn is the oldest gun shop in the Gila Valley.

Firing Pin Gun & Pawn has the largest selection of guns & ammo in the Gila Valley.

Whether new or used; for hunting, self-defense, competition or just plain old plinking—our brick and mortar store has a variety of firearms, accessories and ammunition for a broad spectrum of firearms enthusiasts.

If you are a first time gun buyer—or a long-time enthusiast looking for your next gun—come by and check out our store at 620 S. 6th Avenue in Safford, AZ  85546.  

Our store also has guitars, reloading supplies, gold and silver bullion, jewelry, coins and more.

Store hours are Tuesday through Friday 10AM to 6PM and Saturday 10AM to 5PM.  We are closed Sundays and Mondays

While here, please browse our on-line inventory available through our various suppliers.  The process is smooth and straightforward.  Click on one of the two icons and you will be taken to a portal on inventory available on-line through one of our suppliers.  

After a little looking you find the gun you want.  Load the gun to the shopping cart.  (Don’t forget this might be a good time to shop for magazines (clips), holsters, ammunition, cleaning kits and like accessories.)

Once you finish shopping and “check-out”, your credit (debit) card will be charged 25% of the total order (sales tax and shipping included) as a deposit.  The goods will be shipped to the Firing Pin Gun & Pawn shop at 620 S. 6th Avenue in Safford, AZ.  The balance will be paid on pick-up of the goods.

Please note there are two buttons below.  Each for a separate supplier who has a different inventory and each order placed will be processed separately.  Shop both for a wider selection and to price compare.

Please click on image to be taken to the distributor above.

Please note they are redoing their website.  And at this time there is no online ordering. If you find one that you would like to order please feel free to come by and we will be happy to place the order for you.

It should be up soon.