This manual is probably the most practical to new comers of M14 and M14A1 (M14E2) systems. It is not cluttered with different levels of maintenance/repair as numerical designation shows us -10; operator level only. In short this means individual users of the rifle, GI, or civilian owner. This was the first Operator’s Manual printed for the M14. I think this same manual was printed a few years later with change 1, thus this manual had two different printings. The one I am reviewing is the earliest printing without the change. This manual goes into basic assembly, disassembly, proper locking of the magazine, use of  stripper clips, and is rich with pictures. The manual also covers the M2 bipod, M6 Bayonet with Scabbard,  M76 Grenade Launcher, and various type of ammunition. One thing to keep in mind is disassembly is limited to individual soldier level, so there are not schematics of the torn apart trigger groups or rear sights. This manuals coverage is limited to field stripping the rifle and how the accessories are used. The manual is printed in a 4 x 5 1/2 format, approx 60-70 pages, and was printed by the Government Printing Office. For the advanced user/collector this manual will teach you very little. For the novice this manual is the best starting block for learning what is needed to know. The nice thing about this manual is it has been reprinted on the commercial market. When purchasing a reprint the quality depends upon who did the work. There are so many reprints being done that some are copies of a copy of another copy. Thus each layer of reprint results in poorer photo quality as you take a picture of a picture of a picture. It is always worth paying the extra money IF you can be assured you are getting an original government print. The quality difference is noticeable

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