PATENTS AND HOW TO GET ONE by the U.S. Department of Commerce


A practical handbook by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

What is a patent? What do “patent pending” and “patent applied for” mean?  How so you go about applying or a patent? This indispensable handbook, originally published by the U.S. Government’s Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) no only answer these and many other questions frequently asked of the agency, but provides readers with general information about patents and how the PTO operates.

Designed specifically for non-attorneys and written in clear, easy-to-understand language, the guide takes readers through the registration process step by step, beginning with general information about the functions of the Patent and Trademark Office. Accessible discussions following about patent law, what can be patented, conditions for obtaining a patent, the process of registering patents, and who may apply.  Also covered are filling and maintenance fees; models, exhibits, and specimens: correction of patents, the nature of patents rights, patent infringement, design and plant patents, treaties and foreign patents, and much more.

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