MAUSER MODEL 1910/1914 PISTOL OPERATOR’S MANUAL (OPERATION & MAINTENANCE) This finely made .25 or .32 caliber pistol is an excellent example of ‘Old World’ German craftsmanship. This manual contains six sections titled; “Introductory”; “Advantages of the Mauser Automatic Pistols; “The Working of the Pistol and its Mechanism”; “Instructions for Loading and Unloading”; “Stripping and Assembling”; and; “Cleaning and Preservation of Pistol”. Invaluable information for care and operation of the Mauser pistol. NOTICE: READ THIS FIRSTThis book contains specific information on the fabrication and/or conversion of fully automatic firearms and the building of sound suppressors (silencers). This material is offered for academic study and information purposes only.As of May 19, 1986 Federal Law prohibits manufacture of a full-automatic weapons or conversion of a semi-automatic weapons by a private, non-license party–period. Illegal manufacture or conversion of an automatic weapon can be a Federal felony and might also be a violation of various State laws.While Federal law say allow private parties to manufacture sound suppressors, some State laws may not. Before beginning construction of a suppressor, prior approval would have to be obtained by filling a B.A.T.F. Form 1 with Washington D.C. If you have any doubts about your position in this matter, contact a local B.A.T.F. office for further information.In all cases, the buyer assumes responsibility for compliance to any and all applicable federal, state, and local laws or regulations

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