Original issue, standard paper US Army Field Manual, 128 pages, size is 7 3/4″ x 10 1/4″, bound, three hole punched, dated 10 December 1985. This is not a commercial copy or print but an original issued government print. Manual is titled – FM 23-14, Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) M249. Manual is designed to provide technical information, training techniques and guidance on the SAW. Chapters in this manual cover the following – Introduction (employment, description); Disassembly and Assembly (general and detailed); Operation and Cycle of Functioning; Performance Problems, Maintenance and Destruction – (malfunctions, stoppages, immediate action, remedial action, cleaning and lubrication); Techniques of Fire During Good Visibility (Fundamentals and Firing Techniques, Fire Control Requirements); Techniques of Fire During Limited Visibility; Marksmanship Training; Qualification Training Program; Ammunition; Safety; M249 SAE in Air Defense. Illustrated using line drawings.

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