The origin of hand-to-hand combat probably dates back to the beginnings of man. Throughout the centuries, soldiers and civilians have had to use their bodies to defend themselves against attack when weapons were not readily available. b. The first attempt at organizing and developing the techniques of hand-to-hand combat is believed to have originated in China as a means of unarmed defense against outside invaders. Not much is known about subsequent development; however, historians believe similar systems of fighting were developed by Buddhist Monks around A.D. lOOO as a defense against the numerous robber bands of that time. Judo and Karate are modern forms of these ancient self-defense systems. c. Judo is basically a form of wrestling, and the history of its development is clouded. d. Karate is basically a form of boxing and evolved from the Okinawa technique (Okinawa-Te or Okinawa Hands) of unarmed combat. Okinawa-Te, in turn, is believed to have developed from the Chinese art of Kempo (fist way).

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