Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem? by Dr. Sarah Thompson and Aaron Zelman


Work Smarter, Not Harder!

This is the most aggressive Gran’pa Jack ever published. Why? It gives you an ability to expose the underlying motivations of millions of anti-gun ownership advocates. It also can be used to help anti-gun people acknowledge that they may indeed have mental problems they may not know about or understand.

Gran’pa Jack #7 can help them deal with reality, no longer fear guns, and hopefully encourage them to go shooting with you. Once they realize the fun of a gun, their incentive to support “gun control” diminishes.

Of all the Gran’pa Jack booklets, “Do Gun Prohibitionists Have a Mental Problem?” is truly the most dangerous and challenging to the promoters of “gun hate.” If you use it, you can inflict a devastating blow to the anti-gun ownership movement.

Here’s How You Benefit by Using Gran’pa Jack #7:

Understand why so many people are anti-gun
Communicate effectively with your anti-gun friends and family members
Avoid frustrating and ineffective arguments
Defuse emotionally charged discussion about guns
Understand why most women and minorities are anti-gun
Provide anti-gun people with a positive firearms experience
Help the public realize that some elected officials have mental problems and irrational fears concerning firearms, and these people should not be making public policy that endangers your life or the lives of others.
Order 100 copies today and educate other gun owners and gun prohibitionists. You will be doing your part in saving not only the Second Amendment, but all of YOUR rights.

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