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Courtesy of Firing Pin Enterprizes Inc.


Firing Pin Enterprizes, Inc. has been promoting gun shows in Arizona continuously since 1997.  Longer than any other Arizona based group.  Only Crossroads of the West, a multi-state and multi-million-dollar organization based in Utah, has been doing gun shows longer in Arizona.

As you may or may not know Mary Morse suffered a severe stroke March 3rd of this year.  Her condition precludes participation in promotion of future gun shows.

For this and other reasons the decision was made to sell the Payson and Cottonwood gun shows to Dennis Champagne and Rusty Martinjako of Flagstaff, AZ.

The transfer was finalized Thursday May 2nd, 2019.  At that time Dennis and Rusty assumed full ownership and interests from Firing Pin Enterprizes, Inc. in future and currently scheduled shows at the Payson, AZ and Cottonwood, AZ venues.

All vendors will need to direct future inquiries regarding these shows to Dennis and Rusty.  We ask that you cooperate with them in the necessary bumps and grinds associated with a transition of ownership.

Mary and I wish to thank everyone for the support, patronage and friendship we have enjoyed during our 22 years promoting gun shows in the Great State of Arizona.

There might be a remote possibility of Firing Pin promoting some smaller gun shows at other venues in the future — just not Payson or Cottonwood — depending on how matters settle.

Best Wishes to all.


David Morse


Firing Pin Enterprizes, Inc.

Please contact Dennis Champagne at 928-310-8544